From Function-Level Programming to Pointfree Style

Functional Programming is with Lambdas (value-level)
Function-level Programming is without Lambdas (function-level)
Function-level Algebra: With the renunciation of lambda variables, an algebra and its rules emerge (if not? –> tell us Issues)

“Can programming be liberated from the von Neumann style?
a functional style and its algebra of programs”
, Backus-Turing-Award-Lecture

Last Years of John Backus

Oral History of John Backus

Reactions on Grady Boochs instrumentalization of Backus statement

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pointfree Style

Algebraic Programming

Concatenative languages

Code Golf languages (many of which are stack-based and/or point-free)

Array Languages (which support point-free style)

Libraries that support point-free style

Some Implementations to FP, FL and Pointfree

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